Tried life without a laptop?

It doesn’t seem like such a hassle to most out there, but in my position life without a laptop is pretty desperate. I have been running Thinkpads for the last three or four years, first an i1300 (excellent laptop, a little slow for my needs though. My father still runs his business on one. I’ve been looking for one as secondary.) an then a t30. When I get the money, I’m going to be running a t61. My problem is that I am a programmer. This means that not only do I need a computer to make the money to get the computer, I am stuck running on a borrowed desktop which will not let me take work on the road (making my training difficult.)

To make things worse, two nights ago I got stuck backing up and reformatting the hard drive on the borrowed computer, and my backup was lost on the local file server until last night. Now this morning I realized that I needed some of the data off that WD hard drive from my t30 I posted about earlier. It had received a corrupt file system when my last mobo went down, and the XP install CD would not fix it through USB or one of our 3.5″ to 2.5″ IDE adapters. I ended up sticking it in my old 233mhz omnibook to see if it could even get the BIOS to detect it. (the desktop couldn’t) Finally I got hold of another adapter and got it formatted so I can get the data through USB. I still don’t have easy access to any of my data, but at least it’s access. The worst part: I have no idea when I’m going to see income from my programming (the only project I have so far is far from complete, but if you’re looking for a lawn care [or just about anything else that uses a database] program custom built, I’m your guy.) It looks like I’m gonna hafta deal with the $40 here and there I’m getting from my current job.

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