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Kids these days…

I have always been a fan of kids. Although I have none of my own, I’ve always gotten along and handled kids well. For this reason, I often find myself stopped by, and pulled into conversations with young kids while … Continue reading

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I’m getting back to my blog.

I’m getting some more time now, and I think I can get back here. I’ve recenly gotten a job working 35+ hours a week at the local Mcdonalds, so I’m not quite so strapped for cash. I’m making $7.93 an … Continue reading

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while(luck == BAD) be_alive();

This has not been my day week month. I’ve lost 2 t30 motherboards to the same, unknown and undocumented as far as I can find, error (no, not the RAM slot,) a t30 LCD, a HP 15″ LCD, and all … Continue reading

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