Echo, ask any professional.

I find it funny how right Echo is with their motto “Ask any professional.” I’ve never tried their leaf blowers, but their weed whackers are excellent. Every true professional company uses Echo. What I find weird is that the one thing I know I don’t like on the Echo is their most advertised and newest head. They call it rapid feed, I have no idea why. Their old heads (fortunately they still sell them) were nice. With the old head, it had a spool of line inside, and it fed the line out when it was hit against the ground (something for a hard surface). The new heads use pre-cut lines. Not only do you need to cut the lines to the perfect size, as you run short you need to cut a new piece. You end up throwing away half your line. On top of that, they easily get caught and pulled out. I don’t get it. I need to get an Echo trimmer myself, but it’s gonna have an old head.
Echo's new head

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