Spam bots

I’m thinking it’s time to get a new spam filter up. I’ve been getting 3-4 spam comments a day lately, and they never make any sense. It’s actually funny to think that people see posting junk comments as a form of advertizing. At least leave a comment that makes sense! Any way you look at it, I’ve got to get this site reformatted. It looks tacky. I need to update wordpress, so I can get a theme designed, and maybe start doing some more reviews. I plan on posting a set of reviews on the online GTP get paid to…) sites I’ve been using, and I’m hoping in April I can take the site down to perform an upgrade. It will probably take two days to complete the main wordpress update, then up to two weeks before theme updates and such start showing up. Also going to be looking at paid hosting (possibly) and I hope a second domain name (a dot-com this time.) After that I’m going to start thinking about an actual non-blog site to go with this.

Hosting and domain-name suggestions are appreciated!

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I have to give a kudos to the company OP4g. I am not affiliated, getting paid, or have any sort of referral link, but OP4G is just awesome. They give you surveys, pay you for them, and then give a cut to charity! I don’t know how long they can last, just giving away money, but I just earned over $3 in about ten min for sitting at my computer. Go have a look!

The site below is another survey site. It makes less money, but has a lot more surveys available.

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GD tests

Sorry for not posting last week, life has been a bit hectic. I’m helping design a site at work, and we’ve been getting back to school this week. Before break I had a test to turn in, and forgot half of it at home. I didn’t have time to go home and get the rest before work, and it’s about the only grade we’ve had in this class, so my class grade is about a 40! Hope the whole ‘You’ll have more opportunities in the rest of the semester’ is true. Another test on Thursday.  Just added an ad at the bottom of the site. I’ve been making a bit of money with online surveys and the such, so my gas bill doesn’t kill quite as much (holding at $3.55 at the station by my house right now.) Pinecone research and both pay. I’ve had the best luck with pinecone, if you can get in. It’s not a lot of work either, and you get a chance to see what might come out of it. Anyway, be posting later!

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