Unfortunate events.

I realize it has been a bit since my last posting. The weather here finally improved just long enough to show us that nice weather really exists before winter’s fury is released upon us once more. Unfortunately, my time to enjoy the weather, which was not much to begin with when I work 40hrs a week, was interrupted by my best friend’s father’s death. For those of you who know of my frankenphone, it was his old phone. I don’t want to say that I knew him really well, but I did know his son. I don’t even want to imagine how hard it must be to wake up to find out your 54 year old Dad has just died of a heart attack in the next room over. I’ve spent much of my free time talking with him, and have driven myself into a walking sleep state by now. Thank god for days off. Although he talked of one often, nobody has been able to find a will, and many of his possessions are being sold or gotten rid of by my friend’s mother. It really kicks in how fragile we are. The wrong move could kill us. This has been the second funeral I’ve had to attend since the year started (the first being my grandfather,) but at least my grandfather was fairly old, and in not very good health.

At the same time, my girlfriend is moving into her dorm room. It’s gonna be hard for us to see each other, even though her school isn’t extremely far away. It saddens me, but at the same time I look forward to being with her when I can. This upcoming summer we should be able to be together.

It is now time for some sleep, before my already crossing eyes can’t get me there anymore. I will hopefully post again soon, as I have a new laptop to talk about, and news on my car. Now where was that pillow…

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