I’m getting back to my blog.

I’m getting some more time now, and I think I can get back here. I’ve recenly gotten a job working 35+ hours a week at the local Mcdonalds, so I’m not quite so strapped for cash. I’m making $7.93 an hour, a bit better than most get for a starting wage. I really deserve the increase because I get there at 4AM to scrub 300 degree vats. It’s a bit of a pain, but I really needed the cash. I looked for a job for a year, and had to know one of the managers there to get it. I applied several times, most through the recommended online application, to get in, but it ended up being a paper application that got me a job. I also got myself a car, since it is a pain to ride a bicycle 2 miles every morning, through the large dip between my house and my job, at 4AM and then back at 11 or 1 when I get out.

My car, which still isn’t on the road yet, is a 1995 Ford Escort wagon. It’s got a 5 speed (yes, manual) transmission, and, supposedly, gets about 35MPG. It has two problems, but both are fairly easy to fix. One is a large hole in the passenger side rocker panel, and the other is a vacuum line connector. I’ve duck-taped the vacuum line for now, but I’ve still got to fix the rust hole. It also has many small electrical issues: dead bulbs and switches and the such. I’ll work on electrical after I get a sticker on it. The AC works, and the engine runs well with the hose plugged. We also will be changing oil, water pump, and timing belt as preventative maintenence. It has over 200,000 miles on it now. The car only cost me $200, so I’m not gonna complain about having to work on it a bit.

I should be posting some more later this week, so if anybody is keeping up you can look then. My RSS feeds work great with firefox, so you don’t needs to actually keep checking in.

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New to blogging. I was going to create a custom blog, but this was much easier.
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