How many ways can you install XP?

I’ve been doing a lot of computing over the last couple weeks. As you may have read, I acquired a couple i1300s and a t30. The t30 had a bad mobo. I replaced the mobo, and managed to get video externally. Upon tearing apart the screen, I found it had no inverter. I dropped in my inverter only to find the screen would only show white. I found a guy on eBay selling a good screen with a $25 BIN (buy it now,) and, knowing that everyone else was getting $50 for them, I didn’t hesitate. He shipped it attached to a base (with a motherboard and processor too). Out of curiosity, I dropped in RAM and plugged it in. It booted right up without complaint. I switched the screen to my other, slightly faster, base. I still am looking for parts for the other base.

In the end the t30 had the junkers base and power board, another motherboard, my keyboard 2Ghz processor (my old t30,) 1Gb borrowed RAM from my brother, and a screen from eBay. The problem was, the CD-Rom was going to need a couple days to get here, since I didn’t buy it until I knew the computer would work. Now, anyone who knows me understands that I get VERY impatient when it comes to computers. Waiting was not an option, knowing that it supported USB booting. Now after some searcing, I actually stumbled across a tool on my own computer called USB MultiBoot 10. It’s actually just a script, but it makes any USB drive able to install windows. Across USB 1.1 it ran kinda slow, but it did the job and worked with my slipstreaming (except program files renaming.)

The next one was fun. I have been installing windows on the tablet by letting it get through the copy operations on the i1300. For some reason, I could not get the hard drive to boot on the tablet when using the 750MHz i1300s, and my father’s 500MHz needs a new power connector. It won’t boot off a USB drive, has no floppy or CD-rom bay/connector, and I have no USB CD-roms or floppy drives. I then got the brilliant idea to install it off the hard drive. This concept may confuse most, but I had an idea. I installed the USB bootable XP with USB Multiboot, but instead of putting it on a flash drive, I hooked the tablet’s hard drive up to a USB connector. Then, I moved it into the tablet and was able to boot the hard drive and install to itself. Since the program installs grub4dos, you can do a lot of things most people don’t realize is even possible.

PS-This post was left unfinished last month. Now, I have lost some equipment, and aquired a lot more. I will post as soon as I can find time.

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