It’s twins!

Just got in my two i1300s, which have now been named Gred and Forge. Some of you may know that my first laptop was an old i1300. In the same deal, I got a t30 (my second laptop and will post about it later.) These are 750mhz each; one’s been upgraded (the other one will be) to 256mb pc133. Now, any typical geek will call me crazy. I am running XP. I thought about debian, but my fiancee is going to use one. I NLited the install, to an extreme maybe, and put it on a 20g hard drive. The other one will run a clone of this hard drive when it’s done. It doesn’t have much for a video card, or anything else for that matter, but it runs rather quick in its current state, and sounds decent. Note that Lenovo doesn’t have i1300 XP drivers listed. Vista and 7 yes, just not XP. The drivers can be found without filtering. The laptops are in great shape physically. They only have trackpoint, and no thinklight, but they will do anything they need to ( I have a t400 anyway.) One of the batteries seperated, and the other one doesnt work great, but one will be for IMing, and the other will be for typing. I paid ~$100 for the three laptops, so I’m not complaining. Added with my father’s old 500mhz business i1300, we’ll have three around. Thats the nice thing about the old thinkpads; even I will have trouble killing them.

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