They got me.

Okay, I’m not one for online games, especially ones that you gotta keep checking, and find yourself waiting for things to happen, but one actually has got me hooked. Star Pirates puts you as a space captain in *boring stuff removed* where you need to fight, steal, and otherwise destroy just for survival. Be forewarned that, like most free mmorpgs, they do try to suck you dry. They aren’t really that bad though, I’m yet to give them a dime, but obtaining notorius, whether paying for it or trading in the forums with in-game items, is recommended (again, I’ve never had it.) I’m actually liking the game. You waste a few minutes of gameplay, a few more in the forums, and leave. It’s not a lot to maintain unless you want it to be (fleets for example.) If you’re on, look me up. If you sign up through my link, message me and I’ll give you a few EXP points.

Anyway, back to life. It’s kinda funny how life works. My brother is a Dell tech, who switched from thinkpads because of thier price. He made fun of me when my hard drive died about a month in. He’s been having problems with his GPU overheating, and called for a new mobo (motherboard.) The new one arrived dead. Just goes to show why Dell is second at best. I’ll stick with my thinkpad, it’s held me up pretty well (did I mention that was not just figuratively?)

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