I’m liking wordpress…

I just need to laugh every time I open my blog. The comments I get are ridiculous. I’d be doing good if I could get anything but spam comments. Fortunately, Akismet, the spam catcher plugin, sorts them all out so I can sit back and laugh at somebody’s stupidity and lack of life who bothers to make such bots. That assures me that the captcha isn’t working right either, but oh well. If you send a comment, and it doesn’t show up after a while (I’d say give it at least an hour) just shoot me an email (truk @truk.tk w/o the space) with your comment and the article it belongs on. I can manually add it if I can’t catch it in my spam que. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my blog. I have had a headache for three straight weeks, with no sign of stopping.  I’m stuck on pain killers to sleep, but the make me dizzy and upset my stomach (I stopped eating almost a week before I stopped taking pills in the day.) I can’t function either way. I will keep posting as I feel up to it,  or more if the doctor finds a way to git rid of it. I will not be doing much site rework (delayed almost a year now, sorry) until it is gone. I typically have sinus problems, but this is the worst yet. I’m supposed to be taking 18 pills a day, mostly ibuprofen and pain killers. Anyway, happy holidays everyone, and see all you last minute shoppers into walmart Christmas eve!

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New to blogging. I was going to create a custom blog, but this was much easier.
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