The new ebay sucks! It’s almost impossible to do anything. To start out with, they have switched the default sort to best match. This means that the matches it gives you are WAY overpriced, or don’t end for six days. What you actually want is on page 37 out of 140. That wouldn’t be so bad if they’d let each user set a preference once they had logged in. No. That would just be too reasonable for them. It’s their way or the highway, so every time I search I need to change the sort.

They’ve also ‘streamlined’ the sidebar. They took away all the options and added a few links just to slow you down a bit. There was nothing wrong with the sidebar, and it didn’t take up any more room than the 50 double spaced, improperly categorized links. Now you need to do an advanced search to access half the options. I’m sorry if I don’t want to take a half hour just to sort hard-drives by price, and then go into advanced options so I don’t get the ones that are still running in a month.

The ‘new and improved’ EBay needs to be rolled back. Please, all users who agree with me, let EBay know about it.

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