Darn cops…

I am not a terrorist, I just look like one. Even so I thought the cop I encountered was rather rude. First, he interrupts my phone conversation when he pulls up shining a spotlight in my eyes. I try to walk out of the direct blinding beam and he gets out and literally yells at me because I was paying more attention to my optical health than pulling my hands out of my pockets. He rudely gets my information, as if I’ve already done something wrong, before realizing he had nothing to bug me for and sulking back to his car.

In his defense, I was in about the most suspicious situation I could be. Although most of the Holden police know who I am, where I live, and what I’m doing, only stopping long enough to say hi and make sure I’m me, he was a newer officer. I was wearing a large hooded coat so that my face was likely barely visible, and I claimed I was talking on the phone. Although I always go walking when I’m on the phone, I also always go walking in the most suspicious place in my small town because I like to have privacy. I also tuck the phone in my hood, so he likely couldn’t see it. Still, who was I talking to, myself? He did seem to get a little less aggressive when I told Anna I’d call her back. To make things more suspicious, I have a cord running across my chest to my phone battery in my pocket. I’m just glad he didn’t want to check my pockets. After forcing him to justify it, I would have had a large green taped object in my pocket attached to my cell phone. I probably would have had to deal with the bomb squad. Fortunately, he did decide to back off, but not before making me mad.

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