Gah, society!

Why can’t a rhyme be a rhyme and a poem be a poem. In everything we do today, humans seem to overanalyze. In high school English we tear apart writing, a dissection the writer would abhor, and find meaning from simplicity. I can’t see how we can know what the writer was thinking without walking to him. Everyone interprets writing differently, so maybe the author thought each person would get what they needed, something different for everyone, from their interpretation of the piece. Why must we dismantle their thoughts?

Even in the other subjects, we destroy the meaning of things. We struggle to figure out useless information like the composition of quirks. In the grand scheme of things, nobody cares. We won’t be able to predict the future, so can’t we stop wasting money on the incorrect string theory and pay more attention to living. String theory won’t help the collapsing economy and desperate situations elsewhere. We try to tear apart our history with partial accounts. World War II happened. A high school student needs to know about it, but the significance of Iwo Jima is not that important in the majority of our futures. We should be preventing wars, not trying to teach kids how to win them. They will learn that later if their career demands. Why can’t we require more important classes like ‘How to become a successful member of today’s society,’ instead of cutting funding for useful courses like METS. I know a few kids who need that type of education. Hope I see them from the outside of their McDonalds window in a few years.

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