Won’t be long, hopefully…

I have been having many problems recently, as I will be describing in a series of posts, that have prevented me from being able to post and complicating my life.

My main problem has been in my computers. As I started to tell here, I have been stuck using a dell because of my GPU heatsync on the Sempron. I let my brother, who bought me a new heatsync for Christmas, put it on. In the process, he popped a resistor off near the processor of the Radeon 9500 he was working on. I placed it into the computer to test, since he thought it would still run. The computer seemed to work, but with no video. I gave up.

In late January, I looked into my computer and noticed something missing. I quickly realized that the Sempron’s ram was missing. I had forgotten, but I had moved it into the Dell when I was trying to play games (impossible because of the integrated graphics, the computer even mocked me by having the BGA arrangement for an AGP slot, yet no slot there.) This hit me as a big deal, when I realized the RAM wasn’t there when I tested the video. I was so sure it wouldn’t work that I ignored the obvious.

In one last, desperate attempt, I tried the video card again with the RAM in place and my fingers crossed. I had boot, onto the wrong hard drive, but I had boot. I fixed it to work as I wanted it.

Now, my main computer is back running. I am hoping to have another laptop soon. I’m hoping the new thinkpads prove themselves worthy, if not I will ditch the brand, blame Lenovo’s corruption, and post here to recommend against buying the computers. I wouldn’t without at least checking them out first elsewhere anyway. I’m starting to worry it might not be the best decision anymore, but I can’t give details until I can test one for myself. Until then, it appears my posts and programs will still be shaky.

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