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Sorry to have not posted in almost a month (like anyone actually reads this,) but the last several times I have not been able to get on. If anyone has been able to get on between 12/15/07 and 12/28/07 could your please leave a comment? I’m still stuck on the Dell, and absolutely in love with Anna (but we knew that one anyway.) I’ve actually stopped my work with Clarion, as it’s not making me any money. I am putting in applications right now; I do need SOME money to live on. I can’t even travel anywhere anymore because there’s no money for gas.

Moving on, my friend actually just got a Nintendo Wii. Nintendo usually has the most clever, and fun consoles. They substitute entertaining games and a creative method, where PlayStation has the speed and Microsoft seems to have the graphics (although PlayStation seems to easily win out Microsoft, keeping it’s head well above water with the GPU too.) Still, the Wii has a very steep learning curve, and I’m now getting good at many of the Wii sports. Still, I keep curving that bowling ball. It’s really not that great for those with a smaller TV room, and it’s not extremely accurate. It always seems to be a little off-center, like it needs a controller alignment profile for each person. It’s range also needs a little work. Even so, it’s a pretty impressive console for the first of it’s kind (and don’t try giving me the ’tiltsense controller’ crap, thats kool, but the Wii takes it to an entirely new level.)

Actually, I’ve been wanting to get another of Nintendo’s inventions to replace my GBA and supplement my PSP (which needs a screen, $40 off eBay I can’t spare right now.) The DS looks like it would be good for me (they seems to have become a quick boom as a fad, but that’s not even a consideration for me.) The dual screens and touch screen capabilities are perfect for strategy games, and it has some of the logic games I like (I tried brain-age on Thanksgiving.) However, it is WAY too small for me. I can’t stand not being able to see much at a time on the screen (relative to my 15″ LCD,) and it has no space. I can’t stand only having 4 gigs on my PSP, although my screen is a better size. The PSP is a fast mobile unit, which is one of the reasons I like to have it over the DS. I do hold my features over games, as I don’t have a laptop right now. (Gonna get a t61p 14.1″ as soon as I have the money {might be a while}, and I’ll post a review up when I can.) BTW, does anyone know of any good strategy games for the DS? I’m not even going to consider it if I can’t get a couple good games.

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