Yah, her again. She finally got onto my blog recently, and mistook one of my posts (okay, so I wrote it wrong, fine…) She thought that I was actually trying to imply that she was going out with me because of pity. I know she isn’t, and I understand the attraction is mutual, but I just don’t get how she can like me so much, even though I can’t stand myself! I dunno. Recently I’ve been trying to delve into her self-confidence issues (I understand we’ve all got them, but I worry about my friends.) The number of guys that keep hitting on her doesn’t even seem to help a heck of a lot (thank god she loves me, ‘cuz there are a lot of people who’d like to be in my shoes.) Oh well, I guess self-confidence is up to our selves to solve, although I still worry about hers worse than mine.

Speaking of God, we got into the religious discussion last night after she attended a non-religious activity with me at my local church. She was going to a unitarian church, where mine is congregational. I don’t mind religious discussions, as nobody can be right or wrong, and I actually enjoyed listening to her thoughts. I didn’t really know what her church was like, but apparently it’s as open as mine. Actually, US unitarianism was derived off congregationalism in 1825 when they started to organize a main government (okay I’ve been researching). By the way, Congregationalism is basically self-governed churches. The people of the church can actually theoretically change the overall viewpoint of the church. The main difference between our views and theirs right now is the belief in the trinity. Basically, where my Congregation prays to the father, the son, and the holy spirit, a unitarian church prays to god. (By the way, my views actually differ slightly from my church’s, which isn’t a big deal where I go.) One more potential issue out of the way. I love this girl, but only time can confirm our possibilities.

We still are yet to have our first argument, so will see what happens after that. I may just have to randomly start one… Anyway, we’ll have been together three months on the 18th. It seems to have been such a short period of time, yet I feel like I’ve been with her for quite a while. I see her six days a week on average, and we spend more time on the phone than double my monthly plan (good thing I got cell-to-cell.) Even so, I find myself missing her quite often, and I almost don’t want to get rid of the glitter that I seem to be stuck with (don’t ask.) I guess, after operating alone for so many years I’m now a bit pitiful… I’ll save you an eyefull on that topic, and take off. *Was there supposed to be a conclusion there…Nah*

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