Life has me confused

Damn, life gets busy this time of year. After spending Thanksgiving at home with my girlfriend in another country, we’ve spent quite a bit of time together recently, and combined with all the other holiday things happening, I’ve barely had time to spend with my friends, let alone set up and run a computer. Anna and I spent Saturday at a parade, and then spent almost three hours on the phone afterwards. Yesterday, we went to the skating rink’s ‘adult’ night (no alcohol or anything, just everyone over 18 so it’s not quite so packed.) We didn’t get home until after 11, so the last contact we’ve had was a goodnight kiss. It’s kinda pitiful actually, I miss her already. I’m doomed…
Anyway, my PSP is currently broken. It works fine, but I managed to break the screen (yet somehow I managed not to injure the outer casing, still can’t figure out how that works.) I have no money for Christmas shopping (drained my last account yesterday, and can only hope some money comes in today,) and I’m stuck on this slow-ass Dell (just because I can’t put the time and few bucks into it to get it back up to speed) because the video card died in my good computer (not even mine, it’s a loaner) and I don’t have $20 to fix the f*ing heat sync.
The Dell is a Dimension 4200s. It has a 1.8Ghz P4 processor, which is, technically,
faster than my Thinkpad’s old 2.0Ghz. However, the Dell is coupled with some crap Intel integrated graphics chip, and has a pathetic 256mb ddr. Along with these downfalls, it lacks capability to upgrade the video card, and only allows a couple of PCI slots, one which has a network card (none onboard) and the other a modem (useless.) I can’t really complain though, I did get it for free, and dropped off my door too (thanks Josh!) If I was gonna but it, you might be able to get me to pay $25 for it if it was in good condition (this one has a ‘motherboard problem’ which is yet to give me issue.) Overall, it’s the typical useless Dell machine.

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