I am the worst…

I was browsing myspace the other day and I found a question posed in a survey asking whether a person would prefer a their bf/gf have a job or a car: I have neither right now. I must be the absolute quintessence of a bad boyfriend, and I feel horrible. Not only do I not have a job, running vehicle, decent grades, or any sign of prosperity, she doesn’t even try to complain. I have barely enough money to keep myself alive and in this puny space I call home, and Anna doesn’t even mention the fact that I haven’t put in an application to anywhere as of yet or that I haven’t gotten her anything cute or special as our two month anniversary hits today. I apologize for not taking to anywhere nice (I’d kill to get her into a decent restaurant) and not seeing her more often and she just responds “I understand” and leaves the topic. I can’t figure out if she really doesn’t care or if it’s some new form of mental torture!!! She treats me so well, yet I don’t return her attention, then I start feeling jealous the minute she gets too close to another kid, whom I know for a fact is GAY!!! I am horrible. Even so, she calls me or I call her every night to dump on her my day’s problems. She might just be staying with me out of pity, but I couldn’t see her doing such a thing. I absolutely love the girl, but I just don’t get what she sees in me. My thoughts are well summed up by a poem my Uncle told me (not his work either, but it was cute.)

“I’m smarter than my girlfriend,

It’s plain for all to see.

For I’m dating her,

and she’s dating me.”

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