This world is going to hell in a handbasket…

After stabbing my finger half way through with a knife last night, I realized this season was not going very well. Today, my suspicions were confirmed. I currently have 4 friends with dead or dieing close friends or relatives, Demonoid has gone down (for good this time it seems,) we had to borrow money from the bank to get groceries, I’m not getting along well with my family, my cousin is pregnant and is not fit to raise a child, I’m failing the one class needed to graduate, and most of my friends are having other issues they want to talk over making me completely stretched for time, and all I want to do is selfishly see my girlfriend which is almost impossible with our mutual lack of running cars right now, along with the fact that most countries are in some kind of a war right now, gas is well over $3.00, and mother nature is deciding to take extra vengeance upon the human race right now. To make me feel completely insensitive, this is the first time in at least three years I have not gotten severely depressed before the start of November, and I’m feeling happier than ever. Something tells me that my friends were right-we’re all gonna die, and I’m gonna be the first one to hell… at least then I won’t need to worry about my finger starting to bleed again.

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