Can’t Sleep

My girlfriend’s grandmother died earlier tonight (technically yesterday) and I’m unable to sleep. I didn’t actually know her grandmother, but I’m rather upset with myself that I wasn’t able to go see Anna, and I’m worried about how I handled our short phone conversation after she got the news. She understands my inability to get her, and I do realize that I probably did nothing wrong, but I still have a habit of worrying. When I couldn’t sleep I sat down at the keyboard and, although I’m nothing close to a writer and hate my own work, I thought I’d post, if nothing else, just to occupy my time.

The feeling of love
It’s inexplicable.
Love lets you know
Your heart can truly think and feel
No matter how hard science tries to prove
Such is anything but possible.
A drive, a connection
For even when she’s down
She makes you happy.
A bitter-sweet sensation
For it makes you feel
like the worst person on earth.
But when she gets close to you
Thats when love is cleanly shown.
For only in such moments
Do you come to the realization
If you were such a bad person
She wouldn’t be with you
And you can tell she feels the same.
As for this “connection”
Overtalked and oversimplified
Is the only way to be truly close.
A magic link
although you may be miles apart
that can only be felt
and yet not understood.
Like you can feel her thoughts
Independent of physical communication.
Such is love’s dominion
Or so it’s understood.

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New to blogging. I was going to create a custom blog, but this was much easier.
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