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I fixed another problem on my  PSP today. After getting it unbricked (and having Pandora’s battery show up a week later) I bought a 4 gig memory stick and an X2 triple size battery. A couple days ago my PSP started dieing while charging. I could run off the power adapter, but if I unplugged the machine died. Furthermore, the battery would stop charging and the PSP would die after a few minutes. I’ve spent countless hours searching for an answer, and I’ve found dozens with similar problems and no solutions. I thought it was a broken battery at first, so I re-rigged a spare cell phone battery to run in my PSP to test, didn’t work. I bridged the power fuse, even though it passed it’s continuity check, and I searched eBay for both PSP motherboards and batteries that powered through the typical adapter port (controller type, for convenience.)

I had given up, and was going to but the external battery in the morning when I remembered that I wanted to upgrade my 3.52 m33 firmware to the latest update 4. I couldn’t figure out how to do it the proper way, so I got lazy and dropped it in the game\recovery folder to flash through the recovery console.
I was a bit worried because I didn’t have a battery at all, let alone one with 75%, in it. (I had been wondering if it would work anyway, and it will if you’re careful to keep it plugged in.) When I got done successfully updating I popped in the battery and ran it no problem! Now I’ve just got to re-glue the battery, after trying to check that too.

PS-Just wanted to let people know how cheap I really am. I bought the PSP for $20, got it fixed for $40, bought a $10 battery for it, and then re-rigged a car adapter (which I got from my brother who bought a whole bunch of PSP stater kits a couple years ago, long before I got my PSP, for $1 each) with a blown  (and now missing) fuse into an old 12v adapter I had here. I probably don’t need to mention that I have a very long cord and skill with a soldering iron.

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