With a sudden flood of traffic (175 unique ip-addresses to my referrer alone) I’ve decided it’s time to update. I’m now running wordpress 3.1, with a new theme. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to customize the theme. Until I do, ads are disabled and you’re stuck with the crappy header (though not as crappy as my old one, I must admit.)
I hope you’ll see the new update soon, since ads do produce a little money!

On another note: I just cashed out with the $8 minimum on Beezag. It’s a site where you get paid, usually about a quarter each for me, to watch video ads. They are sometimes for products, or previews of music vids, and twice in each one a small black bar shows up with a white number. Pretty hard to miss as long as you don’t let the video distract you too much. It asks for the numbers at the end to show you’ve watched it. If you get it wrong,  you just watch it again until you get it right. I keep the computer muted, as the volume fluctuates between ads.. It’s kind of fun, and an easy way to make a few bucks pretty quick, and you can log in through Facebook. I usually get about two ads a day. You also get 10% on anything your referrals make. It’s kind of fun, and quick money in a pinch. Give it a shot!

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New to blogging. I was going to create a custom blog, but this was much easier.
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