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I’m thinking it’s time to get a new spam filter up. I’ve been getting 3-4 spam comments a day lately, and they never make any sense. It’s actually funny to think that people see posting junk comments as a form of advertizing. At least leave a comment that makes sense! Any way you look at it, I’ve got to get this site reformatted. It looks tacky. I need to update wordpress, so I can get a theme designed, and maybe start doing some more reviews. I plan on posting a set of reviews on the online GTP get paid to…) sites I’ve been using, and I’m hoping in April I can take the site down to perform an upgrade. It will probably take two days to complete the main wordpress update, then up to two weeks before theme updates and such start showing up. Also going to be looking at paid hosting (possibly) and I hope a second domain name (a dot-com this time.) After that I’m going to start thinking about an actual non-blog site to go with this.

Hosting and domain-name suggestions are appreciated!

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New to blogging. I was going to create a custom blog, but this was much easier.
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