Android Angy birds stupidity

So, like most of the mainstream Android/Iphone users, I have slowly been addicted to the game Angry Birds (free to us Android users, just because Apple sucks! XD) It’s easy to learn, simple to play, and doesn’t require a huge investment of time being available, but it also doesn’t bore you with the same level over and over again.

What I find funny is that there is now an Angry Birds Lite Beta on the marketplace. ‘Lite’ games are usually demo versions of paid apps, sometimes with adds, and usually missing features. The thing is, this ‘lite’ version, is just the first level of the FREE full app! The other thing is that the full app is not in beta, so they take out the last bunch of levels to make it beta?

The only reason I can think of to make a ‘lite’ version, is so that they can make the full app paid only. Granted, the ads are VERY annoying, but I really don’t want to pay. Probably a good idea to get it now if you want it free.

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