Lenovo sucks

I can’t find a damn thing in Lenovo’s site. Not only is their website not compatible with Firefox, meaning the Linux community can’t access resources on the laptops considered most compatible, it lacks information and links that any potential buyer would need! My first problem I noticed a few years ago, just after the switch, when I went to access the drivers to my i1300s Agere wireless card. I found out that the driver had been deleted. A week later my older brother sent me a link to an Orinoco driver that worked, and a driver was also added to XP sp2. I encountered more problems when my friend decided to ditch his crappy Toshiba and got a Lenovo. It came with Vista, so we put XP on it three days later. Three days after that I figured out that Lenovo has put the wrong chipset on their website (you’d think they’d at least know their own computers) and downloaded a corrupt Realtek driver. Two weeks later someone posted a correct link up on the thinkpad forums. Then my t30′s motherboard, only 6 months out of warranty, started experience a KNOWN memory slot issue. Of course Lenovo won’t repair it, since it’s out of warranty. There really should be a law against that. They never even recalled them.

Now I want a t60; I don’t know how sure I am of that, but it seems to be a stable and fast machine. I went on to their website to find my 14.1″ t60 that I had designed, not contemplating getting one, two months before. I searched every version of the t60 there was and could not find one offering the 14.1″ screen that the t series main page claims, and I have heard of and designed before, they can have. I give up, expecting to get an eBay machine anyway.
The next day I was talking with my brother. He decided that he wanted a more mobile and faster notebook while we were looking up the t50. He looks at the x series. He goes through several pages looking for documentation on the different types and specs on the x series laptops and docs, along with what some of the features really were. All he found was confusion. Lenovo shows only senseless quick-tips on the features and the documentation had to be accessed through the Help and support section, assuming that you knew exactly how to get there. It’s sometimes amazing how big companies find it so hard to put in a link to the documentation. They also offer no other way to select your computer other than their filter down/customize method that is incomplete and almost unusable.

It’s sad what had happened to the great Thinkpad computers. I wish there was something that could be done about Lenovo. People don’t pay extra for a Thinkpad just so they can get stuck with “the Lenovo way of life.”Lenovo isn’t good enough to place their seal on my notebook, and if it comes with one, it will be removed and replaced immediately. I’m worried that the Thinkpads will be just like the 3000s in the next few years.

PS-they also seem to offer and charge you twice for some things offered on both the first and second pages of the customize screens.

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