Another motherboard

I have to apologize to WD. I found out that my hard drive issues were really due to a bad motherboard I bought off eBay. I think I’ll use the warranty service next time.
WD’s tool was actually quite nice, it found bad sectors and fixed them, and I found out my controller, along with everything else on the motherboard, was bad. The reason speedfan (talked about in my previous post) didn’t work was because it couldn’t communicate properly with the hard drive. Later during the day of my last post, I thought I had killed my ram, as my laptop would not boot at all.

I immediately ran to Staples (the most expensive place to by ram by the way, but at the time my only option) and got a 256mb stick (cost almost $50.) When I got home, I tested the new stick, nothing. It acted like it was bricked. I had my brother test both sticks when he got home and both passed a memtest. I tried switching out all the parts to ones that were tested good to no avail. Now I’m stuck with two dead motherboards and no laptop. Instead of placing another $100 for a new motherboard, I’ve decided to save up. At the end of this summer I’m hoping to buy a t60 or a t61. I think I’m going to try eBay with one of their warranties, as I DO want a faster processor…

Ah well, I only save about $40-$60 bucks a week, and I don’t have much of a start even after the t30 parts are sold. I’m gonna miss that thing, and I’m a little worried about the t60s design. Anyone know if the t60 is as rugged as it’s predecessors?

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